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May 27, 2021

Adapt to the Changing Workplace with New Features in Saltmine

As businesses reimagine work and reconfigure workplaces, many find they lack key insights and tools to get the job done. Enter operating platforms for workplace lifecycle management — like Saltmine — that enable businesses to adapt to ever-changing workplace and employee needs. 

At Saltmine, we are focused on delivering solutions that help you optimize your portfolio, plan and occupy your office, and improve the overall workplace experience.  We pride ourselves on listening to our customers, and what’s happening in the industry - and we’re excited to deliver several new product updates.

What's New in Saltmine?

With our newest release, we’ve improved our analytics and business insight dashboards, added space inventory management, and created new organizational hierarchies to make it easier than ever to manage, plan and design the future of the workplace.


In response to the pandemic, many projects have changed course to focus on the future of the workplace. Now, a new feature — called Sites — is a digital representation of your entire portfolio. With Sites, you can renovate buildings and floors, or separate out inflight projects from portfolio assets that are live and available to utilize.  

Saltmine sites

Business insights module

At Saltmine, we have always aimed to make your critical portfolio and workplace data actionable.  With enhanced reporting built right into our business insights module, you can now visualize and analyze various parameters of your portfolio data across interactive dashboards and custom reports, — such as total headcount and density by region and type — making it easy to understand how you can optimize your space.

Business insights module


Area configuration settings

As companies look to re-design and re-imagine their spaces, the ability to configure and create floor plans to meet industry requirements will be critical for success.  Saltmine now supports area configuration standards based on industry requirements. This allows users to create ‘usable area’ and ‘block area’ numbers from the floor plan, while generating area configurations that define how wall elements should be calculated based on floor plans.

Area configuration settings

We are excited to continue to evolve our product to help you better understand, improve and optimize your workplace.

Want to see these features in action? Click here to request a demo


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