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8 minute read |
September 7, 2022

3 Ways to Keep Your Offices Relevant

Keeping your real estate portfolio relevant requires a lot of data and a renewed mindset focused on collaboration and flexibility. Read More
11 minute read |
August 31, 2022

A Culture of Transparency Begins with Space Design

Transparency in the workplace is a key value of employees that can increase productivity, boost morale, and foster a culture of trust. Read More
8 minute read |
August 24, 2022

Utilization Data and Maintaining Anonymity

The way people interact with the office space is forever changed. As people return to the office, measuring utilization data becomes imperative while simultaneously... Read More
10 minute read |
August 17, 2022

Collaboration, Socialization, and Learning: The Difference Between "We" and "Us" Space

Collaboration, socialization, and learning are what drive office engagement and spaces that enable these activities should function differently. Learn more in this blog post. Read More
9 minute read |
August 10, 2022

Do We Need An Official RTO?

Here's how to get the data you need to decide when, how, and if you should have an official RTO, as well as how to make it work. Read More
10 minute read |
August 3, 2022

The “Lego” Office: Designing Flexible (Not Fixed) Workplaces

Modern offices must be flexible, adaptive, and centered around how individuals, teams, and organizations actually work. Read More
9 minute read |
July 27, 2022

Build a Better Workplace Strategy with Data and Space Planning

Key takeaways from our webinar, "Build a Better Workplace Strategy with Data and Space Planning." Read More
7 minute read |
July 13, 2022

How To Create An Ideal Workspace and Maximize Employee Satisfaction

In this blog post, we will go through everything you should know about employee satisfaction and how to create the best workspace for them. Read More
9 minute read |
July 6, 2022

What is Space Management and Why is it Important for Growth?

Space management is key for planning a successful office. In this blog post you learn about the definition of space management and what exactly it involves. Read More

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