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September 14, 2021

Saltmine 3.7: Optimize Your Space With Actionable Insights

Optimize your space with insights that drive action in Saltmine 3.7

We’re living in a world filled with data. From measuring sales and revenue to marketing--data can help us capture a baseline and better understand criteria that must be met in order to take action. Businesses today are also aware of how important it is in creating active and engaging work experiences, yet are struggling to understand how to do so. Similarly, many find themselves struggling to maximize workplace analytics and understand what data means.

But, through the use of data, companies can improve the overall workplace experience and start to plan and reimagine their future of work. Workplace analytics give companies an understanding of what is working or what isn’t in their offices today. They can start by viewing data that outlines who is coming to the office and when, or trying to better understand how their employees feel about their space and workplace.

With this data, they can:

  • Form different workplace strategies to increase productivity,
  • Change their floor plans to align with changes in team or department needs,
  • And/or redesign their spaces to increase collaboration and ensure that employees feel safe and valued.

As part of our latest 3.7 release, we’ve made several enhancements to our platform that allow you to capture and better understand data, and ultimately make strategic changes to enhance your workplace’s functionality and purpose.

Capture qualitative insights with Employee Heartbeat

We’re excited to release Employee Heartbeat within Saltmine, which gives you the ability to capture qualitative feedback from employees. Users in Saltmine can design surveys within our platform and distribute them automatically to employees. Feedback is captured and can be analyzed and reviewed in various Saltmine reports. With Employee Heartbeat, you can make data-driven decisions and streamline the way workplace data and employee feedback is collected and implemented to better align your people and space.

Review and analyze quantitative data with Insights

Our new Insights module allows you to customize the way in which you view data within Saltmine--all within a single place. We’ve enhanced this reporting module and extended the dataset to include additional data of your sites, plans, and designs with granularity down to a single block. This provides users the ability to both aggregate data across sites and create custom data reports.

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At Saltmine, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that can help you enhance your workplace strategy and design, so you can evolve your workplace, respond to your changing business goals, and improve your employee experience.

Want to see these features in action? Click here to request a demo.

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