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January 26, 2022

Saltmine’s “Future of Space” Research Report

Calling all real estate professionals! Be a part of Saltmine’s “Future of Space” research report.

The unknowns of the workplace

This year, real estate is making a large step forward, but the are still many unknowns, and questions being asked such as: 

  • What tools can I use to plan out my workplace strategy?
  • How can I re-design my space to align with employee needs? 
  • How will hybrid work change the way in which we interact with space? 

Every week we work real estate professionals and workplace teams facing these questions, and we know how critical it is to navigate the unknowns and identify some of best practices. 

We need your help 

We’re running an industry survey to gather insights from people who actually run workplaces, oversee real estate portfolios, and identify their space needs. 

 We're combining your valuable data with the data from real estate teams that Saltmine has helped optimize their space, so you can see how your 2022 workplace strategy stacks up against other professionals. 

If you've got a few minutes, you can contribute to our 2022 workplace industry survey here.




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