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August 12, 2021

Saltmine’s Hybrid Calculator: Instant & Custom Hybrid Plans

Not sure where to start with your adaptive workplace strategy? Start with Saltmine's Hybrid Calculator--your first step for instant and custom hybrid plans. 

Corporate real estate (CRE) planning is complicated--changing workplace trends and expectations, and the best way to optimize space, presents a complex feat. Plus, accommodating a good employee experience is now an expectation--companies must provide flexible workspaces that allow employees to balance life and work, wherever they want. 

Every question pertaining to how we adapt to new CRE trends, reveals the reality of a rapidly changing landscape. And while spaces are opening up, how we used to work has changed. Companies everywhere are trying to plan the future of their real estate portfolios but where to start is a pain point in and of itself. 

What’s challenging about the CRE space, right now?

Balancing occupancy, headcount, and the employee experience--all while trying to not drive costs through the roof--has become quite the challenge for CRE professionals. The hybrid workforce is here, and the focus on a hybrid-enabling workplace strategy, must be a top priority if you wish to successfully plan, adapt, and thrive. 

As you plan your focused workplace strategy, ask these questions: 

  • Now that our workforce is hybrid, what does that mean in terms of reimagining space? And, how much space do we actually need? 
  • How do we optimize our real estate portfolio based on individual and team work habits within our organization? 
  • Now that our people are splitting their time, how should we plan our occupancy strategy going forward? 
  • Every employee works differently, how do we factor in--not just consider--the unique workstyle preferences of our employees?

Despite the challenges of this season of change, and as we all embark in this uncharted territory, we at Saltmine believe we’ve developed a quick and actionable first step (more so, a tool) that provides a high-degree of useful output, with minimal input from the user. 

Introducing Saltmine’s Hybrid Calculator 

Our new Hybrid Calculator allows anyone planning their adaptive workplace strategy to receive customized plans, in minutes. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 1.33.21 PM

Low input from you, high output from us

With how complicated hybrid workplace planning can be--and how inherently complex calculators are in general--what makes the Hybrid Calculator unique is just how much tangible and actionable output you get with minimal input. 

Outline of the input

  • Your real estate description: Input your rent/lease per year ($ / square feet), operating cost per year ($ / square feet), the square footage per employee, and the space type (usable vs. rentable). 
  • Your employee description: Gather your total headcount of employees and determine the percentage of each of their workstyle profiles. From the specialist who requires specific equipment and the desk-centric worker who predominantly works autonomously, to the teamer who depends on teammates for deliverables and the connector who is more mobile––account for every type of workstyle. 
  • Your desired office days: Lastly, simply indicate how many days per week you want employees to be in the office.  

real estate_hybrid calc screenshot

people_hybrid calc screenshot

Absorb your highly-customized output––i.e., results

Once you submit your input, your customized re-entry plan will cover four major focus areas: 

  • Benefits and actionables: Evaluate insights for space consolidation, real estate costs, and headcount optimization.
  • Macro metrics: Calibrate the real estate mix between “me” (individual), “we” (group), and “us” (social) spaces. This helps with figuring out usable areas based on your headcount and space provided.
  • Maximum occupancy by workstyle: Determine the maximum number of people expected in-office on any given workday based on their workstyles.
  • Occupancy granularity: Receive a breakdown of in-office days based on workstyles.

Next stop: A customized demo with your results

Once you absorb the actionable insights of the Hybrid Calculator, you will then have the opportunity to connect with us and begin reimagining your workspaces with your workstyle profiles and activity patterns in mind. 

The time is now, click the link below and get tailored, hybrid plans in minutes:

Start Hybrid Calculator


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